Chania-Trent GPS brings to you the widest range of cutting edge technologies. Whether you are looking for an App that transforms your smartphone into a fully functioning SatNav without any requirement for constant internet connection,  a selection of the best tracking units on the market, a bespoke tracking solution that is managed from your mobile phone, CCTV that is accessed via the internet from any location or any number of equally innovative solutions, here at Chania-Trent GPS, we are confident that we can provide the technology that's right for you.

Whatever your need, we have a solution! Contact us today.

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Chania-Trent GPS Ltd specialises in
discreet,highly effective and secure
mobile tracking devices for any kind
of application, including;

Vehicle Monitoring
Driver Behaviour Analysis
Lone Worker Support
Vulnerable Person Protection
Goods Tracking
Mobile Asset Protection
Pet Tracking
Monitoring Wildlife In Their Natural Habitat

We offer solutions that are convenient,
efficient, cost effective and put you in control!